SAP Solutions

Image SAP is a powerful ERP that enables critical business processes and streamlines an enterprise’s activities. Although the platform has its benefits, many companies are frustrated by the high total cost of ownership, the cumbersome user interface, and the lack of consistent, governed process to capture their organization’s master data. Xuburance Technologies solutions improves upon the SAP platform by increasing enterprise efficiency, saving precious time, energy, and money.

We at Xuburance, design, build and run solutions that are tightly aligned with client business objectives, achieve tangible, measurable business results, and build capabilities to sustain and continually improve those investments.

Wherever clients are in the SAP lifecycle, we deliver the highest quality solutions through our practitioners, market-leading assets and methodologies, investments in research and innovation, and our long-standing alliance with SAP.

We offer the scope, breadth and objectivity to meet client needs, whether a straightforward technical implementation or an enterprise-wide transformational change.

Xuburance SAP Solutions

Xuburance offers a comprehensive range of SAP services to enterprise clients, including business and IT consulting, full-service implementation, and deep industry and subject-matter expertise.

We help businesses deploy SAP solutions, reduce operational costs and manage their supply chain, assets and product lifecycles. Our expertise encompasses several core areas:
  1. SAP cost reduction through:
    • Global deployment
    • Instance consolidation
    • SAP Minimal Viable Product (MVP) analysis
  3. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP)
  4. SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM)
  5. SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)
  6. SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)